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Rotary Tower Stretch Wrap Systems


Rotary Tower Stretch Wrap Systems

Automatic &  semi-automatic stretch-wrappers increase speed, safety in pallet wrapping operations

MA-X installed stretchwrapping machine Rotary tower stretch wrap systems are fast and effective in pallet wrapping operations. Excellent for applications where the pallet is unstable, lightweight, or extremely heavy. Ideal for washdown operations. Pallets are delivered by conveyor, or by virtually any pallet jack, forklift, etc. for floor models.

Model No. Automation Size Type Price
OPK-MA-Standard Full 293″ L (Conveyor) x 121″H Conveyor Tower $53,550.00
OPK-MA-Deluxe Full 293″ L (Conveyor) x 133″H Conveyor Tower $65,556.25
OPK-MA-X Full 293″L (Conveyor) x 139.5″ H Conveyor Tower $97,325.00
OPK-MA-Standard-WOC Full 121″ H Tower $42,393.75
OPK-MA-Deluxe-WOC Full 133″ H Tower $54,400.00
OPK-MA-X-WOC Full 139.5″ H Tower $86,168.75
OPK-FA Full 214″ L (Conveyor), 145″W (Total) Conveyor Turntable $58,862.50
OPK-Flex-RTA Full 106″H x 160″L, 120″ Radius Single Leg Tower $19,750.00
OPK-Flex-RTD Semi 106″H x 158.75″ end-to-end Single Leg Tower $15,750.00
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Specifying rotary tower stretchwrappers

Inline automatic stretch wrappers are integrated into packaging lines and offer high-level control, communications, film delivery, and load handling for higher throughput production rates from 50 to 100 pallets per hour.

When using rotary tower machines, the load is wrapped while it sits on the floor or on a conveyor line. A rotary arm travels around the load, wrapping it in a cross spiral pattern. Rotary tower machines are ideal for unstable loads that might come apart if rotated on a turntable or for extremely heavy loads because the pallet can be placed on the floor under semiautomatic wrappers.

Semiautomatic rotary tower machines are utilized in areas that might require frequent wash downs because the floor near the machine is accessible. Rotary tower machines can be placed over a weigh scale so that the load can be weighed and wrapped at the same time, saving additional time. They can also be placed over conveyors and other equipment for greater operational flexibility.

During operation, rotary tower machines have a larger footprint than turntable machines, although when the rotary arm is not in operation they take up less space. When choosing semiautomatic or fully automatic equipment, look for structural steel construction, adequate safety features, state-of-the-art control, and easy access to service components.

spec-assist logoSemi or Fully Automated?

  • Fully automatic wrapping equipment requires virtually no direct labor. After conveyors deliver the load, the system automatically wraps it, cuts and weighs down the film tail, then  transports the wrapped load to a staging area.
  • In semiautomatic stretch wrapping, a worker attaches the stretch wrap to the pallet load, starts the machine, and then cuts the film tail at the end of the process. During the wrap cycle, the operator is free to attend to other tasks.
  • Production rate and throughput level will determine your need for either a semi- or fully automatic (no operator required) system.
  • In many situations, throughput rate of 30 or more loads per hour dictate the use of a fully automatic or stand-alone system for maximum efficiency.

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