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Mixing Vessel (Model: ESMVL)


Mixing Vessel (Model: ESMVL)

Mixing Vessel ( Model ESMVL)


  • Mixing vessel is widely used in many industries such as petroleum, agrochemicals, paint & printing inks, pharmacy, food&beverage, flavor&fragance etc.
  • Espread provides various mixing vessels, with full ranges from lab use to production use. It can be customized designed and manufactured to meet different mixing production requirements.
  • Espread provided full mixing vessel components such as kettle body, kettle cover, jacket, agitator, driving device, , support etc..
  • Many kind of mixing agitator is available from anchor type, impeller type, turbine type, propeller type or frame type etc.
  • The vessel material can be used galvanized steel,SS304,321,316L,Q235 and glass lined one.

Espread supplies full auxiliary accessories, instruments and parts for the mixing vessel.

Contact Information:

Shanghai Espread Industry Co.,Ltd.

Shanghai Office Address:
Room 503,Jin Chen Building, No.1399, Hainin Road, Shanghai,China (200070)
Tel: +86 21 60510814
Fax: +86 21 63805700

Hefei Factory Address:
No.9 Road,Feidong Industrial Zone, Hefei City,Anhui Province (231600)
Tel: +86 551 7702315
Fax: +86 551 7707017

E-mail: info@espreadindustry.com
Website: http://www.espreadindustry.com
Skype: espreadindustry

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