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Emulsion Stability And Colloid Stability – Zeta Potential


Emulsion Stability And Colloid Stability – Zeta Potential


Beckman Coulter DelsaNano range – available as just zeta potential or combining both zeta potential measurement and particle size measurement, the DelsaNano range is the only ELS system available to measure samples, in most cases, without the need for dilution. Patented optical technology allows the zeta potential distribution – not just average – to be determined on suspended materials and surfaces.

SOP based software makes routine analysis quick and simple. An optional 3 burette titrator makes stability and additive studies straightforward and disposable cells minimise potential contamination or carryover. From proteins to paint, the DelsaNano makes measurements easy.


Matecs’ Zeta range of instruments uses its’ patented Electrokinetic Sonic Amplitude (ESA) to measure the electro kinetic and surface charge properties of concentrated colloidal dispersions. Combined with standard potentiometric titration techniques, the electrophoretic mobility, surface charge density, and iso-electric points of colloidal particles in concentrated suspensions can be determined.

Both aqueous and non-aqueous systems can be measured and in addition, simultaneous pH, conductivity, temperature and particle size (Zeta-APS) on still, flowing or stirred samples.

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