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Cosmetics and Detergent ( Model: ESCPE)


Cosmetics and Detergent ( Model: ESCPE)

Batch High Shear Mixer Model ESSA


ESCPE uses a set of vacuum emulsifying equipments. The main process of the equipments system is to emulsify and mix the oil and water mixtures in certain temperature to reach the best physical requirements.

Process Description

Material measuring and feeding process

Measure raw material in oil and water tank
Mixing the raw material before sending to the emulsification.
Vacuum pump the material into emulsifying tank

Emulsifying process
High shear emulsifying the mixtures,
Heating the mixture liquid in order to get best emulsifying result (depended on)
High vicious mixture need to be low speed scraper while emulsifying

Cooling and finishing process
Cooling the mixture and add some additives according to product character
Low speed mixing to the ideal finishing.

Filling Process
Dumping or transferring the finish product to the filling machine.

Electric Control System

Each system equips with electric control system besides the working area to control material feeding, emulsifying, dumping and all other processes.

Standard Equipment List

1.Water and Oil measuring system
2.Vacuum feeding
3.Raw material heating device (Optional)
4.Water and oil tanks
5.High shear emulsifier
6.Low speed scraper
7.Emulsifying tank
8.Hydraulic lifting for emulsifying tank
9.Dumping pump
10.Filling machine
11.Air compressor (pressure release valve)
13.Pipes and valve transportation and connections
14.Electric Control System
15.Automation and management system (Optional)


Contact Information:

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