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Pressure Displays


Pressure Displays

Brooks offers a new generation of displays for on-tool gas panel applications and ruggedized displays for off-tool and bulk gas delivery applications. Our high-visibility displays provide local readout of pressure components for optimal point-of-application monitoring. Our multi-channel controllers provide programmable alarms and set points for monitoring pressure and liquid levels, while the instant and accurate readout at the component allows customers to troubleshoot and make necessary corrections immediately. Brooks displays can be used for applications that include bulk gas, gas cabinets, gas distribution, wafer polishing, epitaxial layer, oxidation, CVD, ion implant, diffusion, PVD and dry etch.

0254 Gas and Liquid Mass Flow Secondary Electronics, 4 channelsSE-0254The Brooks 0254 is a four-channel power supply, readout, and set point controller. This innovative, reliable microcomputer-based controller provides power for up to four Brooks thermal mass flow, Quantim Coriolis mass flow, and/or pressure devices; all in a new compact design. Additionally, the 0254 can be used to generate flow setpoint commands, display flow rate, totalize flow, for blending multiple flow streams, and more. This fully RoHS compliant device has a very user-friendly operation and is offered with multiple mounting capabilities such as rack mount, panel mount, and table-top mount.


LR056 Pressure Transducer Displays

Local display of process pressure improves safety and quality control of the gas delivery systems. The LR056 series pressure transducer display allows a 4-20mA sensor to digitally display its pressure and send its signal to a final destination. A sensor, such as the SolidSense II pressure transducers and transmitters, connects to either the back or bottom of the LR056 with a 4-pin Bendix connector. The LR056 connects to the loop through either a 6-wire pigtail cable or a 4-pin mail Bendix connector. The LR056 offers a real time reading. It is loop powered, single channeled. The LR056 has two user programmable setpoints which define a window – if the window is entered or left an output signal is generated.


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