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Industrial Pressure Transducers & Transmitters


Industrial Pressure Transducers & Transmitters


The Brooks® SolidSense II® pressure transducers and transmitters are designed for stable, accurate, and reliable pressure monitoring in high purity and ultra-high purity applications. A combination of optimum design and materials improves both signal stability and reliability in numerous pressure measurement applications.

Pressure transducer and transmitters are widely used in high purity and ultra-high purity fluid storage and delivery systems in many industries. Unfortunately, a number of current transducers rely on technologies that have problems with zero and span drift, thermal shift, and case stress. Adjusting the pressure transmitter to rectify errors requires ongoing maintenance that increases downtime and cost of ownership.

SolidSense II ATEX Industrial Pressure Transmitters

Brooks® SolidSense II® ATEX industrial pressure transducer and transmitters use glass-fused strain gauge technology, which enables a new level of performance for microelectronics and industrial applications.

Solidsense II pressure transducer and transmitters employ ultra-stable, micro-machined silicon strain gauges. These gauges are matched and fused to the metal diaphragm at high temperature to relieve manufacturing-induced stress. This process reduces drift or lack of zero stability commonly associated with competitive pressure transducer and transmitters. Additionally, this unique mechanical design eliminates torque effects during installation.

These industrial pressure transducer and transmitters offer superior corrosion resistance with a 316L stainless steel, chromium-enriched wetted flow path, making them suitable for virtually all process fluids. Active temperature compensation improves process pressure measurement in plants exposed to wide temperature variations.

Solidsense II digital architecture enables automated software-driven calibration and a wide range of thermal compensation routines, unlike passive compensation used by other pressure transmitters in the market. This enhances measurement repeatability regardless of changes to the operational environment.

High accuracy, combined with FM and ATEX compliance, makes SolidSense II pressure transducer and transmitters the optimum choice for demanding applications.


Industrial Pressure
Transducer and Transmitters

Model Range Pressure Reference Output
ElectricalConnection Approval Certificates
PR-SS2-Pigtail-500SolidSense II 30 to 3000 Absolute, gauge or compound 4 – 20 mA
(others available upon request)
Pigtail ATEX
RoHS Compliant
IECEx Approval

IECEx Approval

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