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Variable Area Flow Meters


Variable Area Flow Meters

With more than six decades of experience in designing Variable Area (VA) flow meters (Rotameters), Brooks has helped customers with variable area flow meter solutions in just about every industry.

Our solutions have come from our standard portfolio as well as custom-designed products incorporating special materials and pressure ratings.

The Brooks line of glass tube and metal tube variable area flow meters ensures measurement repeatability, which provides dependable flow monitoring and consistency. External power is not required for operation; therefore, they provide a fail-safe flow indication under any circumstance.

Brooks variable area flow meters can be provided with a variety of wetted materials for high pressure, high temperature conditions, and hazardous locations.

For more information on Variable Area Technology, visit our Variable Area Technology page.

More Info at a Glance:

Benefits of Brooks Variable Area Flow Meters
  • Integral needle valves on inlet or outlet
  • Integral flow controller that compensates for varying inlet or outlet pressures
  • 316 stainless or brass construction
  • Compact, space-saving size


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