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POLA 2000 particle counter for oils, hydraulic fluids and water


POLA 2000 particle counter for oils, hydraulic fluids and water

Liquid Analysis – The measurement of particle concentration is an important parameter in many applications and we can offer a number of alternative ways to measure true number size distribution depending upon the nature of the samples.

The ESZ Multisizer Coulter Counter ESZ – Coulter Counter Multisizer – the most versatile particle sizing and counting analyser available today, the Multisizer provides actual number and volume (mass) size distributions in one measurement in the overall size range of 0.4 – 1200 microns. The Multisizer measures a real parameter of individual particles, the actual particle volume.

This produces an ultra high-resolution analysis which is unaffected by particle shape, colour, density, refractive index or composition. Small changes in particle number and size distribution, such as those obtained during dissolution or aggregation can quickly and easily be detected.

Light Scattering – Spectrex 2200 – Suitable for both in-situ and flowing liquids, the Spectrex PC-2200 can be used for counting particles in a wide variety of liquids. Compact meriticsspectrex2200 and portable the PC-2200 can be used for samples as small as 5ml vials or with a ‘flow-thru’ cell option for in line use.

Software routines for NAS,SAE and ISO classifications are available.

Light Obscuration – POLA 2000 – Oils and hydraulic fluids can be measured by the POLA 2000 with the data reported in ISO 4406 or SAE classes. Covering a size range from meriticspola2000 1µm to over 150µm the POLA can also be used for water based applications.

The user adjustable size channels provide flexibility in reporting..

Airborne/Air Quality – We have available a wide range of instruments for measurement of particulates in air ranging from monitoring of diesel exhaust emissions to cleanroom particle counters, filter efficiency testing or basic aerosol/atmospheric research. High flow rate Condensation Particle Counters are available with water as a working fluid for critical production environments. Electrical Particle sizers, particle impactors, samplers and a Nano Particle Collector for sampling charged aerosol nanoparticles.

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