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Particle Size Analyzer for Flow & Batch Mode Applications NanoDLS


Brookhaven's NanoDLS Nano-Particle Size Analyzer

Features at a glance

  • Hydrodynamic Radii Using Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS)
  • Small-Volume Flow-Cell
  • On-Line and Batch-Mode Measurement
  • Biological Compatible Sample Cell and Tubing
  • Automatic Sampling/Flushing
  • Continuous Size Measurement for SEC/GPC/ASEC

On-Line and Batch Modes

The NanoDLS is the gateway to absolute nanoparticle sizing including proteins and their aggregates (oligomers), polymers, dendrimers, micelles, and other colloidal materials. Either online (ASEC or SEC/GPC), or in batch-mode, it is an excellent tool for determination of hydrodynamic radii from 0.5 nm to a few microns.

Based on the principles of dynamic light scattering, the NanoDLS uses an automatic, variable power laser at 638 nm, maximum 35 mW power, a patented* optical cell design, a single-mode fiber, a self-protecting avalanche photodiode and a 25ns/522-channel digital autocorrelator. Due to the patented* cell, the NanoDLS can measure samples from extremely low to high concentrations. Such a design allows for small volumes and a vertical flow pattern, minimizing the effects of bubbles.

For globular proteins and other rare samples, sizes are often small and concentrations low. Because of its unique and patented cell design, the NanoDLS makes obtaining reliable data from such samples easy. In addition aggregate (oligomer) formation is readily probed because light scattering is supremely sensitive to small amounts of larger species.

The NanoDLS is a superb addition to existing and new chromatography systems for the characterization of proteins and polymers since the instrument enables particle sizing without column or instrument calibration. The high sensitivity and small-volume cell allows for low sample concentrations and small injection volumes. These features lead to accurate, absolute data from minute amounts of sample.

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