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Multisizer 4 Coulter Counter for particle sizing and counting


Multisizer 4 Coulter Counter for particle sizing and counting

Coulter Counter – The Multisizer ESZ

The ESZ Multisizer Coulter Counter

The most versatile particle sizing and counting analyser available today, the Multisizer Coulter Counter range provides actual number and volume (mass) particle size distributions in one measurement in the overall size range of 0.4 – 1200 microns. The Multisizer measures a real parameter of individual particles, the actual particle volume. This produces an ultra high-resolution analysis which is unaffected by particle shape, colour, density, refractive index or composition. Small changes in size distribution, such as those obtained during dissolution or aggregation can quickly and easily be detected. The ESZ technique is in a number of ASTM Standard Methods of particle size analysis.

The ‘Coulter Counter’ is used in a wide range of industries from industrial applications such as toner powders to medical reasearch areas like monitoring protein aggregagtion in therapeutic protein solutions. There are over 6000 documented references using the Coulter Principle (EZR) and it is defined by the international standard ISO 13319.

Software features include Standard Operating Procedures, automatic calibration and verification routines, trending, overlays and security up to 21CFR Part 11 levels.

The use of new digital pulse processing techniques enables the use of more particle parameters for more accurate particle characterisation, plus the possibility of dynamic size measurement on changing samples such a aggregation profiles. The Coulter Counter pulses can be stored and re-analysed again at a later date without the need to re run the sample.

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