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μVISC™ & the TC!

The microVISC portable, small sample volume viscometer makes measurements in only 90 seconds. And now, introducing the newest addition to our family…
the Temperature Controller (TC)!

Product Brochure.
Temperature Controller Brochure.
VROC  your  sample!
See  the  difference!!

Limited Time Offer ! Contact Us Now!


Fast results, user-friendly interface
No need to clean
Accuracy and Repeatability
Portable (1.6 lb with rechargable batteries)

microVISC Temperature Controller

Precise Temperature Control
More Accurate Results
   Easy Keyboard features
Height: 7.5in. Width: 13in. Length: 15in.
Temp. Range18-50oC (64.4-122oF)
100 ohm RTD Temperature Sensor
   Temperature Stability + .07oC
        Fuzzy Logic PID Controller

Standard Oil
Lower Viscosity
Ceramic Inks
Other Inks
Engine Oils
Sodium Alginate Solution
Silicone Oils

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