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If you need to characterise powders, aerosols, emulsions, suspensions, liquids, solids, films etc, then Meritics can help you. As particle characterisation specialists, we have many years experience in the particle and materials characterisation field and can offer a range of products, suitable for both laboratory and on line use, which should be able to solve all of your characterisation needs.

Particle and Material Characterisation Instrumentation

We represent a number of the world’s leader manufacturers of particle characterisation instrumentation and are ideally placed to offer you an independent view as to the most suitable technique to solve your particle characterisation technique. We have at least six different methods of particle size analysis and particle sizing, two methods of zeta potential measurement and surface area measurement and are happy to provide you with comparative data to help you make your decision. In addition we have a unique range of viscometers and powder flowability analysers as well as samplers, collectors etc and a wide offering of standards and control materials. A comprehensive support package including telephone help line, our laboratory for applications and method development assistance together with field based engineers and technical support including maintenance contracts is provided to all our customers.

Instrument Hire and Contract Laboratory Services

Whether it’s a short project, longer term need or just additional capacity to help with increased workload we have a range of instruments available for hire or use our Contract Analysis service to satisfy your particle characterisation requirements.

Particle Size Analysis

Particle size analysis is a really important part of many industries and here at Meritics Limited, we have a number of techniques available with which you can measure particle size. The size of particles can have a massive effect on a material’s stability, strength and chemical reactivity, so it’s vital to ensure you make an accurate particle size analysis.

Particle Size Measurement

As we have a wide range of instruments and different techniques available we can advise on the best method which will provide you with the most accurate particle size measurement for your application. At Meritics, the range of techniques we have available for particle size measurement includes systems for use in the laboratory or online/in process measurements and we can provide a particle size measurement from samples with sizes in the nanometres to millimetres range.

Particle sizing equipment

Here at Meritics, we are all about providing you with meaningful measurements. We have so much expertise in particle sizing that we know exactly which piece of particle sizing equipment suits each individual job. We can provide you with the right particle sizing equipment whether it is suitable for laboratory or online characterisation.

Surface area measurement

We have different ways of making a surface area measurement. The classical BET surface area measurement using gas adsorption is widely used for powder materials, and we have systems that are automated and easy to operate. In addition to the measuring surface area, a pore volume measurement can also be made. A new alternative way of making a surface area measurement can be made performed using a unique NMR based system. This uses the difference in relaxation time of free solvent molecules and those bound to a particle surface to make a surface area measurement in emulsions, suspensions and colloids.

Zeta potential

Measuring the zeta potential of particles in suspension is used to predict stability and behaviour when exposed to changes in ionic strength of the solution such as flocculation. Historically zeta potential measurement has required the sample to be diluted before measurements which runs the risk of changing the zeta potential, but Meritics have two alternative techniques that can measure zeta potential without the need for dilution. We can also offer systems that will make particle size measurement as well as zeta potential or just zeta potential.


Rheosense have successfully introduced the first of its kind microliter scale sample, flow through viscometer/rheometer on a chip (VROC ®).  The VROC measures the viscosity of both non-Newtonian and Newtonian liquids, and offers far more capability than conventional viscometers, including true viscosity measurements of microliter-scale samples at high shear rates.  Ideally suited for many types of sample from protein solutions to printing inks, if you’ve been looking for accuracy, reliability, speed, and quality by design in a viscometer/Rheometer then take a look at the VROC range.

VROC is the smallest viscometer built in a chip, which provides a complete viscosity characterization over the wide range of shear rates of any liquid. This chip has been proven for its precision and accuracy, and adopted for the viscosity characterization method for high throughput systems. For ink rheology characterization, VROC’s micron scale of the flow path in the chip is very similar to actual inkjet conditions. This feature provides viscosity measurement beyond 10^5   s-1, thus simulating actual inkjet conditions. Because of its range and accuracy, VROCTM is a very important instrument for characterizing inks over the complete shear rate range and for quality control.

Capable of viscosity measurement on samples of just 50µl, the VROC can be used to measure viscosities of proteins which is an important tool in formulating therapeutic drugs because of their  increasing use of high concentration proteins.

In addition we also supply the Lamy Rheology range of viscometers, rheometers and texture analysers for laboratory, in-line and portable applications

Powder Flowability Analysis

Are you having problems with your powders mixing, blending, tableting or transportation/movemnet then our powder flow analysis systems will help you find the cause and help to provide answers to the problem. We have both dynamic and ststatic testing systems that are simple to operate and very cost effective.

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