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In addition to the supply of instrumentation, Meritics offer a range of additional services.


In addition to the supply of  instrumentation, Meritics offer a range of additional services.


Service Contracts – we offer both  full maintenance and repair contracts and preventative maintenance contracts on all of the products we supply as well as providing service on a ‘as required’ basis. Full contracts include  a preventative maintenance visit as well as any parts and labour required for repairs. All of our engineers are factory trained and we hold an extensive range of spare parts in stock to ensure any downtime is kept to a minimum.

Instrument Certification/Verification – this is offered either as part of a Service Contract or on an ‘as required’ basis – instruments are checked in accordance with the manufacturers requirements and certification/verification documentation is provided for your Quality records.

IQ/OQ  procedures and documentation – optional service provided on delivery or re-location of a system.

Contract testing –  our Applications laboratory is available for contract testing work whether it is one or two samples, or several hundred samples we have the capacity to handle most requirements. We provide a full standard report with statistics etc. on each sample and are happy to discuss your specific needs in terms of data or testing.

Method Development – our experienced laboratory personnel are available to provide applications support and method development for new samples/products.

Instrument Hire – for short term projects,  times of high workload, or just to add capability without the need for capital expenditure we have systems available for rent for a week, a month,  a year or longer.

Consultancy – with over 100 years combined experience in the particle characterisation field, we can also provide consultancy services to help you with your analysis requirements and problems.

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