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Filter testing to ISO 4406 AND 16232


Filter testing to ISO 4406 AND 16232

Filter Testing

filter testing with the Cleanalyzer

Opto’s Cleanalyzer is a high-end analytical system designed to examine the particulates captured on filters a key procedure in performing reliable and reproducible evaluations of component cleanliness. It is a powerful, fully integrated test platform which enable precise measurement, analysis and documentation of this critical cleanliness indicator. Cleanalyser is fully compliant with all current particulate standards. The filter testing can be from manual operation to fully automated with data reported to ISO standards such as ISO 16232, and VDA Bd 19. More than 50 parameters from each particle can be provided and component cleanliness codes (CCC) according to ISO 16232 are reported.

Characterising filters such as diesel particulate filters, aircraft and automotive filters usualy is done by a purpose built filter testing system. These usually optical particle counters for the measurement both upstream and downstream of the filter together with aerosol/particle generators and dilutors. Complete filter testing systems can be constructed to the user’s requirements or the single components can be supplied. Specialised systems for monitoring exhaust gas particulate emissions are also available. Particle counting is carried out either by optical particle counters (OPC’s) or condensation particle counters (CPC’s) depending on the filter testing required.

Filter analysers, Integrity testing, bubble point and pore size distribution

Porometers and Permeameters – we offer a range of models for the characterisation of  filters, membranes and non woven materials. Porometers provide details such as the bubble point and pore size distribution of the material and Permeameters measure the gas or liquid permeability of the sample. With a wide range of sample holders and on-line options we are confident that we have a solution to your filter testing needs.

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