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Chromatography GPC/SEC Systems



Refractometer & Viscometer

  • Dual Detector
  • Zero Dead Volume
  • Highest Sensitivity
  • Up to 80 °C

The BI-2020 is a combination RI and Viscometry detector used in SEC/GPC determinations of the MWD using universal calibration.

A true Dual-Detector, refractometer and viscometer, the only one of its kind available. The refractometer is an integral component of the viscometer bridge, measurement of concentration AND viscosity take place on the exact same sample segment, at the very same time. Compared to the more common “external” connection of the two detectors, the BI-2020 Dual-Detector provides a factor of 2 to 5 higher sensitivity, near ZERO delay volume and unsurpassed overall performance.

There is no need to wait for the sample “breakthrough” (the negative signal you can expect after each injection) or to adapt an “internal delay” to the number of columns you use like other viscometer designs require. The Dual-Detector will match any application you might think of, with any solvent, at any temperature up to 80°C.

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