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Titanium Dioxide-Mica Dispersion Formula

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Titanium Dioxide-Mica Dispersion Formula
Formula Description:Titanium Dioxide-Mica Dispersion
Formula consists of:Wet Ground Mica/5.5Water/78.80″Alkaphos” C/1.65Titanium Dioxide/8.80″Baymal”/5.5H3PO4 (85%)/0.55
Preparation method:In a one-quart high-speed blender is placed 275 ml of water to which 27.5 g of “Baymal” is added with slow stirring, after which agitation is continued at high speed for two minutes. Then 27.5 g of wet ground mica is added with continued stirring. Separately 8.2 g of “Alkaphos” C and 2.8 g of 85% phosphoric acid are mixed with 115 ml of water. This solution is then added rapidly to the dispersion of “Baymal” while it is being blended at high speed.To this binder dispersion 44 g of a pigment-grade titanium dioxide is added and dispersion completed by rapid stirring or preferably by milling. Initially, the mixture is very foamy, but after a few hours the foam can be collapsed by slow stirring. The addition of antifoam agents may cause the coating to spread unevenly.This composition is relatively low in solids content and as a paint has poor hiding power. However, it is thixotropic and may be spread in rather heavy layers. Addition of more pigment without increasing the concentration of “Baymal” and

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