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Single-Channel Measuring and Control Instrument DULCOMETER® Type D1Cb/ D1Cc


Measuring, Control, and Sensor Technology Parameter Chlorite Controllers & Transmitters

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A safe, comfortable, and clear operation is guaranteed thanks to the large, illuminated graphic display, full text operating menu in 15 operating languages, and pH sensor monitoring.

  • Always the appropriate controller:
    Both sensor connection types mA and mV in one single unit
  • Subsequent activation of functions via activation key
  • For connection type standard signal:
    all other measured variables such as chlorine, bromine, chlorine dioxide, chlorite etc. and pH, ORP/Redox and conductivity via mA
  • For mV: switching capability between pH and ORP/Redox
  • Plain text user guidance in 15 operating languages in the controller
  • Control of 2 metering pumps via pulse frequency
  • 2 power relays for solenoid valve control, limit value monitoring or timer function
  • Large, illuminated graphic display with bargraph
  • 1 analogue output 0/4 … 20 mA (measured value/controller output)
  • Extended range voltage supply: 90-253 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Automatic buffer recognition for pH
  • pH sensor monitoring
  • Calibration timer, calibration log book
  • Operating hours counter
  • Metering time monitoring with deactivation of the controller output if time is exceeded

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