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Reactor System – Industrial Scale


Reactor System – Industrial Scale

General description

FISCO is a perfect all-in-one dispersing & mixing system. It integrates mixing, homogenizing, heating and vacuum supply functional modules into one set of system, which is ideally applied in cream production, chemical synthesis and high viscosity materials mixing. There are lab scale for experiments, and also industrial scale for production use.

Working Principle

FISCO vacuum homogenizer series is an integrated set of reaction system for homogenizing and emulsifying under vacuum. It is equipped with highly efficient macro mixer, high shear homogenizer, reliable vacuum sealing system and temperature control system.

The mixer is designed on computer simulation. When running it continuously produces new interfaces for the materials to be processed, and has a series of effects on materials such as shearing, compression and folding, so that the materials will be fed into the high shear homogenizer without intermission.

High shear homogenizer is professionally developed by FLUKO. The exquisitely designed high speed stator & rotor is capable of generating powerful shearing, impacting and turbulent flow, which ensure higher efficiency of homogenization and emulsification.

The combined use of macro mixer and high shear homogenizer brings satisfactory solutions to homogenize and emulsify the materials of high viscosity and makes the products with the unprecedented fineness.

Features & Performance

With technology and scheme derived from Germany, the reactor is specially designed for products homogenizing and emulsifying. The stirring mixer can be flexibly interchanged with scraper or spiral agitators, to easily process high viscous materials (1-300,000cp).
Real-time monitor and control unit can facilitate control of parameters such as temperature, pressure and PH value.
Based on exquisitely designed components, it is applicable to CIP/SIP control and in line with international sanitation standards and specifications.

Unit pictures


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