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PLM Powder & Liquid Mixing System PD-VT Series


PLM Powder & Liquid Mixing System PD-VT Series

General description

One piece of equipment is enough to complete all process steps: with dust-free hose or hopper, it can very quickly do powder/liquid feeding, wetting, dispersing and mixing, absolutely no lumping. Not only wets the powder, at the same time the equipment disperses it into liquid under vacuum, avoid mass air introduced. The advantages are: no lumping, better reaction effect, higher material utilization rate, and finally better product quality. The equipment is highly modular integrated, saving a lot of pipelines and process steps, and meanwhile minimizing production cost.

Working principle

High speed rotation of rotor generates vacuum and quickly sucks powder into working chamber, and powder will then be evenly distributed into fast liquid stream. As powder is sufficiently wetted by liquid instantly in the beginning, no lumping will be created in the mixture or no skinning in the shaft and interior wall of container. This is different from traditional process, which easily makes hard skinning. Thus it can be seen that, PLM system could dramatically enhance the product quality. As vacuum created by liquid stream, all powder will be introduced into liquid without any rest, and some environmental protection auxiliary devices in traditional processes are not necessary any more.

Unit pictures

Model-selection Table

Model Motor power(KW) Power of centrifugal pump(kW) Inlet/outlet size Flow rate range(m3/h) Max. powder suction rate(kg/min)
PD100-VT 22-30 5.5-7.5 2.5″/2.5″ 0-30 100
PD120-VT 30-37 7.5 2.5″/3″ 0-30 120
PD140-VT 30-45 7.5 3″/3″ 0-40 120
PD165-VT 37-55 15 3.5″/3.5″ 0-50 200
PD200-VT 55-75 18.5 4″/4″ 0-80 300
PD30-VT 2.2 4 2.5″/1.25″ 0-8 18
PD50-VT 7.5-11 4-5.5 2.5″/2″ 0-16 25
PD80-VT 15-22 4-5.5 2.5″/2.5″ 0-25 80
  • The maximum working capacities in above table are based on medium as water.
  • Powder suction rate depends on powder characteristics (such as particle size, swellability and liquidity etc.); if uncertain, please provide samples or make experiments for model selection.
  • For special working conditions, please provide detailed data to FLUKO engineers for work
  • ing out special solutions.
  • FLUKO reserves the rights to change the specifications without announcement.

Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License; additional terms may apply. See Terms of use for details


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