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DULCOTEST® Chlorite, Panel-Mounted Measuring Cells


Measuring, Control, and Sensor Technology Parameter Chlorite Pre-assembled Measuring Station

Panel mounted complete-measuring-cell adjusted to the special requirements in water works and easily installable as plug&play module.


  • Completely populated panel (exception: measuring range-dependent sensor)
  • Completely wired
  • Space-saving retrofitting of a Chlorine dioxide measuring station is possible: an additional in-line probe housing module and space for a second measuring device type D1C is available

Components of the Measuring Station

Single channel controller D1C (Identity code D1CAW0I10114G220I)

  • Power supply 230V 50/60Hz
  • Disturbance signal processing: flow as standard signal (4-20 mA)
  • Break Input
  • Two signal outputs (freely programmable)
  • Alarm relay and two limit relays
  • Control of  pumps
  • PID control
  • Operation languages: German, Spanish, French, Italian

Modularly designed In-line probe housing DGMa302T012

  • Module for Chlorite sensor
  • Module for Chlorine dioxide sensor (for retrofitting a Chlorine dioxide measuring station)
  • Module for flow monitoring
  • Including sampling tap, ball check/ adjusting valve
  • Sample water connector: DN10 PVC threaded connector.

The measuring station can be ordered with order no. 1023062. Due to the variety of measuring ranges the Chlorite sensor must be ordered separately (0-0.5 ppm or 0-2.0 ppm).

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