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DULCOMETER® D1C Single Channel Controller


Measuring, Control, and Sensor Technology Parameter Chlorine Dioxide Controllers & Transmitters

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The single channel controller DULCOMETER® D1C is a measuring and control device based on microprocessor technology that grants highest process safety with a comprehensive application spectrum. The controller is configurable and can thus individually be adjusted to your requirements. This is not only valid for its type of control but also for its construction type (wall mounting or panel mounting) and many more parameters. You select what you need for your regulation task and only pay for that.


  • Universally implementable, as many measuring values controllable: beside pH, Redox, conductivity and Chlorine, also Dissolved Oxygen, Fluoride, Bromine, Chlorine Dioxide, Chlorite, Ozone, Hydrogen Peroxyde and Peracetic Acid.
  • Ideal adjustment to process requirements thanks to various stages of extension
  • Seamless integration into your process technology: variable installation possibilities for the sensors and large number of control possibilities for metering devices.
  • Optimized process flows through special functions such as disturbance feedforward, pH compensation for Chlorine, base load dosing and many limit value functions.
  • Safety: limit value monitoring with standardized dosing time restrictions.
  • Easy and clear user guidance with text indicator on big graphic display in 16 languages.
  • Large, easily readable graphic display for measuring values, correction values and information.

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