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Conductivity Measurement


Measuring, Control, and Sensor Technology Parameter Conductivity

The electrolytic conductivity is the most important measurand of the chemical process analysis after the pH value. With electrolytic conductivity, all processes where salts, acids and brines play a role can be controlled guided or regulated with measuring technology.

For all applications it is always of importance, to measure the electrolytic conductivity as exactly, promptly and reliably as possible at high availability of the measuring values either for control, guidance or regulation of the processes.

Application areas

  • Dosing and dilution of chemicals
  • Rinsing and cleaning processes especially for CIP (Cleaning in Place) processes in the food and beverage industries
  • Desalination in the cooling tower
  • Control of high purity, purity and drinking water generation processes
  • etc.

Our program offers the following advantages:

  • 27 different sensor types designed for different requirements: measuring ranges, max. operation temperatures, chemical resistances, pollution tolerance and process connections
  • Our product range comprises simple conductometric 2-electrode-sensors, more complex 4-electrode-sensors, up to high-end-sensors based on the  inductive measuring principle
  • Fittings for the simple installation in bypasses, tanks, channels, pipeworks
  • We also offer completely pre-mounted sensor and immersion probe housings for especially frequently arising application tasks
  • Measurement transducers with display/operation for directly forwarding the signal to a programmable logic controller (PLC)
  • Control devices with staged capacity features
  • A control device specifically adjusted to the requirements in cooling towers
    Integration into the control circuit in Bus systems (PROFIBUS®-DP)
  • Easy calibration with buffer solutions available as accessories
  • For frequently arising tasks: complete, standardised measuring and dosing stations as plug & play modules with optimally inter-adjusted components.
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