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Batch Jetmixer Dispersing Mixer FJ Series


Batch Jetmixer Dispersing Mixer FJ Series


General description

When simple mixing is not sufficient, and high shear force generated by stator/rotor system is too strong, Jetmixer will be the best choice. It exerts powerful macro and micro mixing effects, and meanwhile disperses materials to the full, without assistance from extra high shear equipments. Jetmixer provides ideal dispersing and mixing energy and can meet requirements of different processes. The operation is quite easy.


Sugar dissolving, powder dissolving, gel resolving, suspending, reaction accelerating, dispersing, mixing and depolymerizing of nano materials and light powder.

Working principle

Liquid stream driven by high speed rotation of rotor, combined with flow guide chamber effect, form strong liquid circulations in the whole tank. On the other hand, high speed rotation of rotor can also produce some shear turbulence required by micro mixing, and the micro processed liquid will then dispersed with the whole stream to every corner of the tank. Different from conventional agitators, Jetmixer can fully disperse and mix all liquids in tank without dead corner.

Model-selection Table

Model Motor power(kW) Rotation speed(rpm) A B Standard/maximumC D E F n-d Working capacity(L)
FJ100 2.2 2900 110 160 650 215 265 1196 8-φ16 50-150
FJ120 4 2900 130 195 750/1000 255 290 1395 8-φ16 100-400
FJ140 7.5 2900/1470 160/192 235 833/1100 300 350 1580 8-φ16 200-1000
FJ90 1.5 2900 100 120 430/530 165 200 730 4-φ14 10-70
  • The maximum working capacities in above table are based on medium as water.
  • For high viscosity and high solid content materials, inline high shear dispersing emulsifiers are recommended to work together.
  • For special working conditions, such as high temperature and pressure, flammable, explosive or corrosive conditions, please provide detailed data.
  • FLUKO reserves the rights to change the specifications without announcement.

Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License; additional terms may apply. See Terms of use for details


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