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Vertical Form Fill Seal Machinery


Sweet packaging to catch your customer’s eye


Beautiful packaging differentiates your products and therefore boosts sales. That’s why our Vertical Form-Fill-Seal packaging equipment provides a wide variety of options. It also lowers your overall cost of ownership by maximising throughput and uptime. With our solutions, you can bag all kinds of products in a wide range of vertical packaging styles. This guarantees outstanding product differentiation for the lowest total cost of ownership.


You can produce just about any packaging with our flexible equipment including resealable ZipTrick packs. You can create Envelope, Doy-Style and QuatroSeal bags that are full of marketing information and look great on the shelves. Or why not use economical pillow packs? All this can be done on the same machine. Anything is possible.


Non-stop production


Our machines are highly automated and supremely reliable, facilitating non-stop production with limited operator intervention. For example, our sensitive jaw protection system means less time spent on cleaning and our advanced Servotronic® control system ensures exceptional ease of use and maximum versatility. While innovative technology, such as weighing, dosing and high-speed labelling keeps everything moving as fast as possible.


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GEA SmartPacker – smart and fast, too!


Thoughtful engineering, responsive to customer needs, ensures systems that pack confectionery with the same speed and convenience as it is produced. Designed in collaboration with our customers, the GEA SmartPacker brings all the advantages of vertical form, fill and seal packaging technology. Compact and flexible, the machine provides many packaging options. So, whatever your product, budget and needs – for packaging, process and capacity – GEA SmartPacker has a solution for you.


High-performance packaging machinery


At the heart of each GEA SmartPacker is the unique microprocessor-based Servotronic® control system, making the machine exceptionally easy to use. Once the operator has set essential criteria such as bag length, sealing time, speed and temperature, the machine automatically configures itself for optimal performance. Offering many other benefits, including electronic jaw movement control, Servotronic® provides maximum versatility from a minimum number of moving parts, requiring very little maintenance.




GEA SmartPacker


  • More output per shift
  • Less cleaning due to sensitive jaw protection
  • Compact machinery to handle the most delicate confections
  • Broad range of bagging machines and possibilities
  • Stable, sturdy, flexible bag styles
  • Reclosable packages
  • Integrated labellers functioning at high speeds.



>Intermittent Motion machine (GEA SmartPacker SX400)

>Continuous Motion machine (GEA SmartPacker CX180,CX250 and CX400)

>TwinTube (GEA SmartPacker TwinTube C)



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