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Welcome to GEA Food Solutions.

GEA Aquarius is part of GEA Food Solutions. Which is incorparated within GEA.

To learn more about GEA please visit About GEA or go to www.gea.com

Variety, the ingredient for growth

GEA Food Solutions…., solutions for sugar-based products

Driven by diversity

In cost-sensitive markets for sugar-based products, the capability to quickly launch new shapes, forms, wrappings and packaging sharpens your competitive edge. Diversity is the differentiator; cost reduction a priority.

Your partner for performance-focused solutions

Industries like confectionery, sugar and food processing are characterised by global competition, consumer trends and ever-decreasing margins. GEA Food Solutions performance focused processing solutions can help you reduce operational costs, increase efficiency, and respond quickly to new opportunities.

Shaping your future by thinking ahead

The total GEA Food Solutions range – the most extensive available today – extends from stand-alone machines to complete production lines. Depending on your requirements, we plan, develop and build a complete new line, or simply enhance your existing capabilities. You can even try out new ideas, test recipes and refine processes at our Technology Centre.

A global heritage

To ensure you get the best out of your equipment, we provide comprehensive customer support. We are always close by thanks to a global network of sales and service offices, so you get local knowledge in your native language. You also tap into the creative thinking and technical know-how of an international organisation that, although formed in 1997 (former Aquarius), comprises many specialised activities with long and successful track records in their respective fields.


The sweet taste of your success

How about a stunning new shape, a longer shelf life or an innovative space-saving package to tempt or please your customers? These are just a few of the possibilities you can embrace with GEA Food Solutions.

Pleasing the eye and the taste buds

GEA Food Solutions specialises in equipment for manufacturing sugarbased products. And as one of the most experienced equipment providers for the sugar and confectionery industries, and over 55 years’ experience in these fields, we can help you bring exciting new products to market in the fastest and most cost-effective way.

GEAW212-xx webbanner wrapping_3

Sugar cubes, Lollipops and Packaging

So whether you need equipment for the production of perfectly formed sugar cubes or for a diversity of irresistible lollipops, GEA Food Solutions has an optimised solution. The total range includes equipment for forming, drying, cooling and wrapping. And then you can efficiently and attractively package your products using our dedicated packaging solutions for confectionery.

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