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Slicing equipment

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CFS GigaSlicer

The GEA GigaSlicer points the way to a new dimension in slicer technology.


The large cutting cross-section of 550 x 210 mm enables cutting of, e.g. five sausages with a diameter of 110 mm or four cheese logs with a dimension of 110 x 165 mm.





CFS MegaSlicer



GEA Megaslicer diverse slicing options


When it comes to high productivity and covering a very wide range of applications, the GEA MegaSlicer offers one of the most efficient combinations on the market. The choice between circular or involute blade technology allows the machine to be used for a wide variety of applications and capacities.





CFS UniSlicer





GEA UniSlicer Compact performance


The GEA UniSlicer stands for enormous flexibility in two ways: in slicing both a wide variety of products and portion patterns.


CFS Check 3000





High-precision continuous weighing system, 1 to 4 lanes, controlled from the slicer control panel.



CFS OptiScan (on a CFS MegaSlicer)




GEA Optiscan optimum product detection for maximum output


GEA OptiScan is a pre-scanner system that makes it possible to cut natural products like dry-cured ham, bacon and cheese with hitherto unmatched output.

CFS Peeler






Efficient, ergonomic and hygienic casing removal of square and round logs.

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