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Thermotransfer printer

A thermal transfer printing direct on nearly all top materials (film or paper e.g. Tyvek).




CFS  XY / XZ traversing unit


For mounting the print head of any available Inkjet system. Select the point of printing exactly to the demand of the customer.





CFS Hot Foil printer





The GEA Hot foil printer can be used for printing small information such as expiry date or lot no. on labels or on the top material (film).








GEA offers a wide range of Inkjet solutions harmonized to the customer’s request. Inkjet printing can be used on the top film and/or on labels.
Rotation printer





GEA Rotation printer is providing a cheap and simple solution to print basic information on a label.
CFS Thermal transfer printer

High printing quality with a high resolution of 300 dpi and print speeds up to 300 mm/s.



CFS TiroPrint


CFS TiroPrint equipment





The working principle of the GEA TiroPrint can be compared with an ordinary stamping. It is used for printing direct onto the top material.

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