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GEA Aquarius: over half a century of lollipops


Since its founding in 1953, the company has become a world-leader with over fifty year track record of innovation, durability and reliability.


World-class experts


Since the founding Aquarius produces the standard-setting ball former and, with the benefit of numerous enhancements it, like all Aquarius machinery, is today renowned for high quality, reliability, efficiency and durability. Whether purchasing a single machine or a complete line for forming, cooling, wrapping and packaging lollipops, customers buy into a lifelong partnership with GEA Aquarius.


GEA Aquarius continuously follows the market, providing customers worldwide with the most up-to-date information, while its network of dedicated customer centres and exclusive agents provides knowledge of local markets in the local language.





Dedicated GEA Aquarius teams work in research and development, production and installation, together with product support and after sales service – all ensuring Aquarius customers stay one step ahead of the competition.

The popularity of these little sweets on a stick just keeps growing, with the young and young at heart responding to imaginative tastes presented in the latest shapes. Devising new flavours and forms is easy with Aquarius machinery, backed by a company that partners with customers to
anticipate consumer demands with the tastiest lollipops matched with the latest trends.


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