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GEA Food Solutions ColdSteam® Technology inside



GEA Food Solutions ColdSteam® Technology inside 


Using frozen meat requires an optimal defrosting process.

The solution: defrosting under vacuum with ColdSteam!


ColdSteam is a highly controlled process using steam under vacuum to efficiently defrost meat without scalding or damaging it,

nor cause  denaturation of proteins. GEA Food Solutions pioneered this technique, and currently leads the market with the innovative ColdSteam.

ColdSteam: rapid and efficient

GEA Food Solutions applies defrosting under vacuum in both tumblers and mixers. Fast defrosting under vacuum increases operational flexibility as it reduces lead-time in the production process. Compared to traditional defrosting techniques such as tempering chambers or microwave systems, ColdSteam delivers consistent results, no incomplete defrosting or hot spots. In other words, it enables meat processors to satisfy the increasingly higher demands of their customers. Read more>>


GEA Food Solutions helps you to pack a wide range of petfood, meat, vegetables, sugar and confectionery. And even in the range of medical supplies GEA Food Solutions can help you create and produce a safe and well designed package. The right package can attrack the eye, seduce or convince the customer to enjoy your products. GEA Food Solutions makes it a challenge to create the best package for your succes.

GEA Food Solutions` expertise in food processing gives you a headstart in creating the full package in product and food-, medical- and confectionery packaging. The close contact with our customers and food producing industry has given us a unique understanding of the high demands of the specific packages for your well prepared products. Read more>>

GEA marination equipment for meat, poultry and fish

Marinated meat is probably the first ‘processed’ food ever. Think of salt beef and hams, which have been on the menu for centuries. Today’s processes for marinating meat on an industrial scale, however, are anything but old fashioned. GEA Convenience-Food Technologies is an industry leader in marination, and the current range of machines for injecting, tumbling, massaging, tenderizing, brine preparation and defrosting have their roots in great brands like Scanio of Denmark (founded in 1962) and Belam of the Netherlands (founded in 1972). These two companies joined GEA via Wolfking and GEA, and continue to contribute to the unmatched level of experience in GEA marination activity. Read more>>

GEA SmartPacker CX250 LowDrop

Sometimes a long drop adds to the experience but on a vertical bagger, the shorter the better!

Increased capacity for the GEA SmartPacker CX250 LowDrop. `Low Drop` configuration fills up to 200 bags per minute. The GEA SmartPacker CX250 LowDrop configuration can package up to 200 bags per minute – and can handle large format 2500 gram bags. The machine is designed with a considerably lower drop from the top funnel to the center jaw, which not only increases capacity and speeds up throughput, but also has benefits for fragile products like hard candy, chocolate, biscuits and cookies. Read more>>


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