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Statements on working with GEA Food Solutions


Jinluo_logo.jpg Jinluo, China Operation
Statement from Yanbin Pi, Import & Export Division
“As a partner with CFS for more than 10 years, we have been delighted to experience the high productivity and timely service after installation at a competitive price.”
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Logo-giebels.jpg Giebels Meat, The Netherlands Operation
Statement from Mart Kobussen, Managing Director
“Our investment in the vertical flowpacker CFS SmartPacker SX400 has virtually eliminated the packing defects and weight inaccuracies.”
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Diviande_-_Quality_must_be_frozen_-_logo.png Diviande, The Netherlands Innovation
Statement from Cees van der Pijl, Factory Manager
With this solution, we simply could increase the production with 30%, while reducing labour with 50 %.
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Bruynkens_Logo.jpg Bruynkens Meat, Belgium Operation
Statement from Marc Carpriau, Managing Director
“I pay a fixed fee per production hour and CFS guarantees a machine-availability of 95 % or higher.”
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friki_logo.gif Storkower Hähnchen, Germany Operation
Statement from Mr. Schenk, Managing Director
“We run five CFS TwinStar traysealers at up to 10.5 cycles per minute, and I am very impressed with the reliability.”
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Logo_MuellerFleisch.gif Mueller Fleisch, Germany Operation
Statement from Stefan Mueller, Owner
“To meet the growing market demand for case ready products, we wanted to launch a top quality product reflecting the reputation of Mueller Fleisch.”
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kraft.gif Kraft Foods, USA Development
Statement from DJ Benson, Sr. Manager
“With CFS we experienced the willingness to customise the equipment in accordance with tough specifications and performance requirements.”
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logo_producty_pitania.gif Producty Pitania, Russia Operation
Statement from Stefano Vlahovic, CEO
“We especially appreciate their quick reaction time when it comes to service and spare parts, which enables us to have a steady supply of products to our customers.”
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Chaveevan-logo.jpg Chaveevan Group, Thailand Development
Statement from David Santos, General Manager
“The Chaveevan Group has developed a vertically integrated poultry business which can compete with producers in cost oriented countries and meet the high quality and hygiene standards of our major markets, including the EU.”
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logo_bel.gif Bel Leerdammer, The Netherlands Innovation
Statement from Ronald Oost, Manager Packing
“We slice Leerdammer cheese, which has an irregular internal hole pattern. Despite this, we wanted to produce fixed weight portions.”
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Logo_sadia.gif Sadia, Brazil Planning
Statement from Francisco Ormenese, Brazil
“To meet increasing market demand, we decided to invest in CFS poultry meal component lines.”
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Logo_Smithfield.png Smithfield, Poland Planning
Statement from Morten Jensen, President Central Europe
“CFS has shown to be a real partner by assisting us with the various aspects of planning, designing, installation and commissioning in time and defect free.”
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