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Case stories Diviande, The Netherlands

Diviande, The Netherlands

“We used to slice delicate products in round shingles with small manual slicers which was labour intensive. Due to the inconsistency in slice quality, the portions had to be weighed and slices added or taken off to meet the required portion weight. CFS studied our process and offered us a UniSlicer with contour portioning conveyor, an InlineLoader for automatic loading of the product onto the tray in multiple layers. With this solution, we simply could increase the production with 30%, while reducing labour with 50 %. Important in this operation was not only saving the cost of people or increasing production, it is about preparing a ready to eat product in the most efficient and hygienic manner. No one touches the product before it is served at the table.”


Cees van der Pijl
Factory Manager Diviande


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