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Case stories Chaveevan Group, Thailand

Chaveevan Group, Thailand

“The Chaveevan Group has developed a vertically integrated poultry business which can compete with producers in cost oriented countries and meet the high quality and hygiene standards of our major markets, including the EU. We focus on value added products like premium-cooked chicken and produce special cuts with a unique flavour favoured by consumers in supermarkets or restaurants. Therefore we have installed state-of-the art processing technology that is capable of producing a wide variety of products. CFS helped us with innovative, multi-functional line set-ups, enabling us to produce everything our customers ask for. The delivery and installation of the machines which took place in 3 phases, was strictly planned and executed. Thanks to a dedicated CFS Site Manager, planned line set-ups were optimised to the factory building and setbacks were quickly resolved.”

David Santos
General Manager

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