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marination_visual_tumbling_and_massagingGEA Food Solutions` marination equipment for meat, poultry and fish


Marinated meat is probably the first ‘processed’ food ever. Think of salt beef and hams, which have been on the menu for centuries. Today’s processes for marinating meat on an industrial scale, however, are anything but old fashioned.

GEA Food Solutions is an industry leader in marination, and the current range of machines for injecting, tumbling, massaging, tenderizing, brine preparation and defrosting have their roots in great brands like Scanio of Denmark (founded in 1962) and Belam of the Netherlands (founded in 1972). These companies joined GEA via Wolfking and CFS, and continue to contribute to the level of experience in GEA Food Solutions’ marination activity.


marination_visual_key_to_variety_2Adding value to your products


Of course, marination offers far more than increased shelf life, although this still plays a role. It has evolved into a way of adding value to your products in terms of enhanced flavor, more appetizing color, higher yield and an appealing bite. Marination can turn ordinary or cheap cuts of meat, poultry or fish into a succulent basis for a delicious meal as well cost-effectively prepare traditional products like high-quality hams on an industrial scale.




The key to variety


The GEA Food Solutions marination range starts with brine preparation equipment, including the GEA ScanBrine brine mixing and storage solution that ensures carefully formulated brines and marinades remain at the right temperature for optimum absorption and maximum product safety. This modular system is labor saving, easily expandable in the future as your business grows, and can be fully automated to increase productivity and efficiency.




Injecting and tenderizing



The extensive range of brine injectors, which includes general purpose systems like the attractively priced as well as the GEA ValueJector more specialized GEA AccuJector for very accurate injection of low-profile products like fish, bone-in and boneless poultry, beef steaks and pork fillets. This machine has the closest needle pattern available today and leaves minimal needle marks on skin-on products.

The range also includes a multi-purpose GEA ProJector (which can also be fitted with tenderizing knives) and the heavy-duty GEA YieldJector. All have easy-to-change needles, brine filtration and advanced Clean-in-Place (CIP) systems. The GEA TenderCarve is a great solution for increasing the meats’ surface area to optimize brine absorption and protein extraction rates.



marination_visual_tumbling_and_massaging_2marination_visual_tenderizing_3Tumbling, massaging and defrosting


The GEA ScanMini and GEA ScanMidi tumblers in a range of capacities form the basis for massaging, tumbling, cooling, coating and rinsing of pork, beef, poultry and fish. Providing a controlled environment, these machines speed up the reaction between the proteins and the added brine or marinade, ensure an even distribution and deliver consistent product quality. They can be fitted with glycol-based heat exchangers to further increase the level of process control. The GEA ScanMidi is also available with the unique GEA ColdSteam defrosting technology that speeds up defrosting raw materials from days to just hours.


marination_visual_2Complete line solutions


With this level of in-house experience and such a complete range of machines, GEA Food Solutions is also an ideal partner for supplying line solutions – for marination as well as for integrating into other meat preparation and further-processing lines. GEA Food Solutions also manufactures innovative slicing and packaging solutions, making it one of the most comprehensive equipment suppliers to the protein industry.



For more information about Marination, please contact Karin van der Aa

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