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GEA Food Solutions offers a comprehensive range of grinders to suit your unique needs; fresh or frozen meat, vegetables or cheese. Designed with flexibility, low costs and of course food safety in mind, our versatile units can be quickly adapted to a wide variety of functions and food. 
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CFS PowerGrind

GEA PowerGrind 280. High-performance, high capacity grinder for fresh and frozen meat, large infeed area and hopper allows up to 10 frozen blocks per charge, delivers very high productivity.


GEA AutoGrind 200. Multi-functional grinder for fresh and frozen meat blocks, extremely versatile and suitable for all grinding applications with minimal change.

CFS UniGrind

GEA UniGrind 200 and 250 are universal high-performance fresh meat grinders, compact format, 200 and 250 mm grinding heads, attractively priced, also grinds tempered meat blocks.

CFS ComboGrind

GEA ComboGrind 1500/250. A GEA UniGrind 250 with a 1.500 liter hopper, large buffer volume, slow-running stirring for consistent quality,

for in-line applications.


GEA ComboGrind Twin. Twin-screw grinder for fresh and pre-broken frozen meat, high flow rates, provides good particle definition, low friction, self-cleaning screws. The GEA ComboGrind Twin is ideal for high performance grinding where product appearance is


CFS FreshGrind
  • Grinder for fresh meat
  • Perpendicular feeder and processing worms
  • Low stress on product

GEA MaxiGrind 400 and 400HD. Very strong single worm grinder, handles large frozen blocks, fine and coarse grinding of fresh meat and fresh/frozen mixtures, the 400HD (Heavy Duty) handles XL frozen blocks.


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