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Fincoil SOLAR ZA/ZZ condensers

Air-cooled ammonia condensers

Air-cooled ammonia condensers1

General information & application

Fincoil SOLAR ZA/ZZ condensers have been designed for industrial refrigeration plants in which R-717 is used as refrigerant. The SOLAR ammonia range is available for both horizontal and vertical air flow.

Air-cooled ammonia condensers Table1


ZA       Manufactured from electrogalvanised steel tubes ø 17 mm and Alu-fins, tube pitch 64 x 32 mm. Standard fin spacing is 2.5 mm,   fin spacings 3.0 or 4.0 mm optional

ZZ       Hot dip galvanized steel coil, tubes ø 20 mm, tube pitch 57.71 x 50 mm. Standard fin spacing is 3.1 mm, 4.5 mm optional.CasingSturdy, monocoque structure made of hot dip galvanized steel. Other parts are stainless steel or efficiently corrosion protected material.

Fan motors

2 to 12 axial fans available in a range 5 fan speed executions, diameters 914 or 1240 mm. Enclosed design fan motors, protection class IP-54, class F insulation.

Motors are wired to the fans’ safety switches (IP65). All fans have corrosion resistant fan blades and fan guards.


The Alfa Laval Vantaa quality system is in accordance with ISO 9001. All products are manufactured according to CE and PED rules.

 Design pressure

Design pressure 26 bar. Each heat exchanger is leak tested with dry air and finally supplied with a nitrogen pre-charge.


• Multi-circuiting (J#)

• Subcooling circuits

• Water jet system to provide a considerable capacity increase to cope with short-term peak loads. (D)

• Service hatches (L)

• Extra high mounting feet 2m (F)

• Vibration dampers (S)

• Epoxy coated fins (ZA only)


Selection is to be performed with our ‘FincoilSelect’ Air Heat Exchanger selection software. Selection output includes all relevant technical data and dimensional drawings.

Air-cooled ammonia condensers

Air-cooled ammonia condensers2

Code description

Air-cooled ammonia condensers3


• Heavy duty coil & casing materials, resulting in a long operational product life.

• Floating coil construction to compensate for thermal stress.

• Available with water spray system to cope with short-term peak loads.

• Excellent sound characteristics

• Reliable performance.

• Easy-install & maintenance.

• Energy efficient – low total cost of ownership.

• One full year product guarantee.




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